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All special interested Tours

Mongolia tours included all highlights, special interest: horseback riding, camel trekking,  hiking etc,. Customized tours are avaliable with flexible and standardized itineraries. We guarantee your satisfaction whether you are traveling as a family, individually, or with friends. We can make your journey into the Mongolian wild not only exciting but a true adventure. Apart from activities you will also find pleanty of leisure time to enjoy yourself however you wish, whether relaxing with a book in an incredibly scenic sight or enjoying the local nightlife, anything is possible, just ask!

Choose Your Adventure

Western Mongolian biking tour (13 days)

Western Mongolia biking tour offers a fine visit to the different National Parks of Mongolia, where you are inspired by the beauty of the nature and by a lovely biking.

13 days

Mongolian wilderness adventure tour (21 days)

Journey for nature and adventure lovers through the forested foothills of the Wilderness northern Mongolia and deserted Gobi. The journey is on foot starting from the Gobi. There are plenty of chance trekking through this picturesque scenery.

21 days

MONGOLIA ROUND TOUR: The Great Gobi (13 days)

Join now: 06 - 18 june / 20 june - 03 july 2014 14 - 26 july / 06 - 18 august 2014

Discover Mongolia Tour : NAADAM FESTIVAL 11-13.July.2014 (12 days)

Are you interested in seeing Mongolia's best, most memorable and wonderful attractions within a short time? If so please choose this trip! Naadam which is the probably the most fascinating widely celebrated festival among Mongolians. Ceremony combines with sport for this national holiday!

12 days

How We Travel

Mongolia hotels information

At the airport in Ulaanbaatar you will be met by our proffesional guide, driver and transferred to your hotel. Depending on your chosen travel it goes to the hotel or your travel begins immediately. In the heart of downtown Ulaanbaatar, lies the urban sanctuary of the luxury Hotel “Ulaanbaatar”, offering elegant five-star accommodation enhanced by friendly and efficient service.

Mongolia international flight

Direct flights are available from Berlin, Moscow, Peking, Seoul, Stanbul and Tokyo. International flights from Europe. It is most convenient from Berlin with MIAT Mongolian airlinie to Ulaanbaatar, just back.

Car rental services in Mongolia

Mongol Khaan Travel Company will set the vehicle depending on the group size. The traveling distance is very far therefore it is essential to choose the right vehicle. Sometimes road is very bumpy and takes long time to reach next destination.

Trans-Siberian railway Mongolia

The 'classic route' on the Trans-Siberian Railway, which takes you from Moscow to Beijing, is a classic experience travel. Trans-Mongolian Railway is referred to as the cross leading to Mongolia by train from Ulan Ude on the Trans Siberian Railway via Nauschki (Russia) and Ulaanbaatar to Jining (PRC).

Traveller's comments

2013-09-25 Christina und Walter
Liebe Frau Urnaa/ Anna,
wir sind mittlerweile gut nach Hause zurückgekehrt.
Christina und ich möchten uns ganz ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken, dass alle
so prima geklappt hat.
Wir haben die Tage in der Mongolei wirklich sehr genossen. Diese weiten
Landschaften, diese bunten Wiesen, diese Ruhe, diese freundlichen Menschen waren
neu für uns.
Zu all diesen angenehmen Erinnerungen hat Ihre perfekte Reiseorganisation
beigetragen sowie die unvergesslichen Tage im Princess lodge Resort.
Viele liebe Grüße an Od, der uns so sicher und souverän gefahren hat, an die
Damen in Princess Resort, die uns dort verwöhnt haben und last not least an
Ihren Sohn, der uns so früh am Morgen zur Weiterreise nach China vom Hotel
abgeholt hat.

Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank.
Christina und Walter

2013-08-14 Sara (China)
Sara 5 pax
We have had a great trip so far in Mongolia. We really enjoyed spending these days with Anna and Manda. Our favorite parts of the trip so far all the grasslands mean Princess Lodge and the Tumen ekh ensemble performance. We were disappointed that the Natural History Museum was closed and wish you had told us this ahead of time.
Our girls really liked Anna (as did we), she is a good guide and nice person.
Thanks you!

2013-08-20 Pema & Tenzing
Anna: We really appreciated your quick replies to our e-mails. This shows that your company is reliable and trustworthy.
Mandaa: Did a great job on showing us UB and we had a delicious lunch at BBQ Mongolia.
Dalai: Experienced driver and though he didn’t speak English he was always ready to help us without any complaints.
Altaa: Great guide, always in good mood and never tired. She is a good cook and always surprised us with a new meal. In addition she got a new job as a photo-grapher.

We are happy that we have chosen an experienced tour operator which helped us to see much as possible during the trip the eleven days. Thank you for showing us your beautiful country and hopefully we can come again.

2013-07-25 Aalto, Norway
We arrived to UB a bit late.
We had a good programme but an experienced guide made it during. We enjoyed on every moment.
I have been a Mongolia lover from eighties, looked films, and documentaries and reading a lot. When arriving I really had great expectations on our journey. But was more than the spectative, people were everywhere very kind. All my expectations were not only fulfilled out crossed over in everything.
We had an excellent team. The guide, who could answer to our thousands of questions and the driver, whom we could trust in all situations.
Ger camps were nice. And we enjoyed to stay them. Food that we ate was good.
The highlights were also to visit in nomad families to see the healthy in which people in countryside are living.
Just lovely, we can only thank you on all the organization of our stay in Mongolia.
All this we take in our hearts and take it back home

2013-07-20 Dominique
We had six day excursion in Gobi desert. The Guide Hishge and the driver Suren were excellent the best quality I have ever had. Accommodation and food was good and the sights were splendid. I can’t wish more. Best wishes and thanks to the guide and the driver to make our visit so wonderful.


Mongol Khaan Travel LLC have successfully participated at the Mongolian Tourism fair 2014.03.23

Mongol Khaan Travel LLC have successfully participated at the Mongolian Tourism fair 2014 and acclaimed by Culture, Sport and Tourism Prime minister Oyungerel.Ts...


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