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Mongol Khaan Travel creating lifetime experience, and value with our 17 years of experience in tourism. Offering bundle of over 30 high rated Mongolia tours and tailor made tour with our tour consultants. We offer affordable individual, family or group packages with bundle of exciting activities. Explore Mongolian culture and its wilderness nature with our professional guide who is trained to give you the great impression and memories. We also provide the best vehicles and camping equipment and cooperating with the region’s best partners to best outcome.

Khan khentii

Khan Khentii is the nearest wilderness nature area to Ulaanbaatar in Central province with breathtaking natural scenery, flora and fauna offering bundle of exciting activities with luxury accommodation. The amazing Asralt Khairkhan mountain rise 2799m above sea level.

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Khan Khentii wilderness

khuvsgul lake

The crystal clear water of Khuvsgul Lake in Northern province. The lake is considered as the largest lake in state. One of the must visit attractions in Mongolia including reindeer family and shaman people. Offering wonderful unique activities around the lake as well.

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Khuvsgul Lake

Gobi desert

Sand dunes

Elsen Tasarkhai literally means Sand dune is the isolated torn of sand continues over 80 kilometers in the Central province on the way to Ancient Kharakhorum city. It feels like in the desert, able to ride camel and sand trekking.

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Mountains and Lakes

Mongolia has three major mountain range areas such as Altai Mountains, Khangai Mountains which makes the country nearly on top of the Globe. The highest point reaches 4374m above sea level. Most of its wonderful nature attractions are in mountain range area, central and north regions. Khuvsgul lake in the north and Terkhiin white lake, Ugii lake are the famous destinations attracted by its beautiful crystal clear water and activities around.

Endless green steppe

Nomadic Mongolians move four times a year among endless steppe. Mongolian green steppe has fruitful soil and about 257 days of the year is clear sky. Here are not many towns and cities nearby but only nomad family with their GERs and animals

Gobi desert

In the South lies the Gobi desert over hundreds of miles. Some 200 million years ago the area was a great sea. The Bayanzag flaming cliff area in South Gobi is the first successful dinosaur excavation sight in the world. Still now many petrified dinosaur bones, sea shell, wood are found. And also Khongoriin Els (Huge Sand Hill), Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park is the must see points.

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