Bayanzag the red cliffs great gobi Mongolia

Gobi desert, in particular, make up more than half the surface of the country.  The nation’s patrimony of Gobi desert is vital to the national paper and mining industries. It has always been a symbol of wealth and well-being for Mongolia. Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs is world’s first successful dinosaur excavation site, also called as red cliffs. The world’s first dinosaur petrified egg was found here. Scientists define the area was sea in some 200 million years ago. Still now we can easily find small petrified seashells and many interesting rock formations. The area is simply enormous in the evening sunset, feels like you are standing at the crossroads of million years past and the future. The cliffs take reflection of burning yellow sky horizon and looks like landed on a different planet. The place is in Southern Mongolian province which you can either fly or take ground transportation.


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