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Naadam Festival and Great Gobi with Silk Route tour (14 days)

Mongolia trip includes 14 days Naadam festival adventure and natural sightseeing tour which starts with driving to Central Mongolia attractions known as Kharakhorum ancient capital city, neighborhood attractions and further continues travel towards Three Beauties of the Gobi National Park to explore Eagle valley and Flaming cliffs known as a Bayanzag (dinosaur excavation site). After exploring those attractions you will watch Naadam which is the most fascinating widely celebrated festival among Mongolians. Ceremony combines sports, traditions, customs, and arts. There are three main components of the Naadam: horse race, wrestling and archery.

In the third half of this Mongolia tour, there are range of activities you will do such as horse riding, or yak cart riding in the mountains and valleys, hiking and visiting the ruins of the Princess temple and visit a nomadic Mongolia.

Tour overview
Route: Ulaanbaatar-Elsen Tasarkhai-Kharkhorum-Ongi Cloister-Bayanzag-Eagle Valley-Ulaanbaatar-Terelj national park-Princess temple-Ulaanbaatar
Region: Southern Mongolia
Tour Highlights: Visit nomad family, Horse riding, Camel riding, Bonfire, Concert
Available season: July
Travel type Adventure tour

Day 1: Arrival Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival you will be met and assisted by your official Mongolian representative. Drive to Ulaanbaatar downtown for 20 minutes. Afternoon visit the Museum of Mongolian History (exhibits of Mongolian ethnic lifestyles) / visit Chinggis Square (there is a Great Chinggis Khaan’s Memorial complex) for city orientation. Our guide will advise on what time you will depart in the following morning and arrange your breakfast at the convenient time.

Overnight in 3 star Hotel /D/

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar – Kharkhorum

After the breakfast at hotel, we leave town heading to Kharkhorum great city ruin, en route watching Elsen Tasarkhai (Sand dunes) also known as Bayan Gobi, is a suitable place for breaking between Khogno Khaan mountain and Kharkhorum. Elsen Tasarkhai literally means “an isolated torn-off piece of sand” and it is a small sequence of real desert in the midst of green steppes, continues about 80 km. It feels like in the Gobi Desert, and visitors can hike in the sand dune or ride camel for two hours. Afternoon continue our trip towards Kharkhorum (about 1.5 hours). We will be driving through beautiful green steppe with nomadic GERs and herds.

Overnight in GER tourist camp /B, L, D/

Day 3: Kharkhorum and Erdene Zuu

In the morning having breakfast in GER restaurant, then we take walk to the great view spot of Kharkhorum city, the kings’ statue at the top of the hill, less than two kilometers. Mongolia’s ancient capital Kharkhorum, Chinggis Khaan´s fabled city, was founded in 1220 in the ORKHON Valley, at the crossroads of ‘The Silk Road’. Visit the Erdene Zuu monastery. This Monastery was built in 1586. Not a single nail was used in the construction of the ornate temples, only a few of which remain standing after the communist purges. In the evening come back to the GER tourist camp.

Overnight in GER tourist camp /B, L, D/


Day 4: Ongi Cloister ruin

Today we continue our journey to Middle Gobi (about 240km). Next Stop is the Ongi Cloister ruin which was founded in 1760 and consisted of two temple complexes on the North and South banks of the Ongi River. The northern complex, built in the 18th century, consisted of 17 temples-among them one of the largest temples in all of Mongolia. At its heyday, Ongi Cloister could accommodate over 1000 monks at a time.

Overnight in GER tourist camp /B, L, D/


Day 5: Flaming cliffs “Bayanzag”

After having nice breakfast at Ongi Secret tourist camp we head towards the Great South Gobi (250km). On the way visit the Flaming cliffs (dinosaur excavation site) known as Bayanzag. The place is an area of red cliffs, which formed from the erosion of sand and rock over many thousands of years. It also the site of several successful dinosaur excavations. And visit Moltsog Els (sand dune).

Overnight in GER tourist camp /B, L, D/


Day 6: Eagle Valley, Gobi National Park

After having breakfast we drive to the beautiful Eagle Valley in Gurvan Saikhan Mountains (about 40km). The valley is about 10km long and is completely shaded from the sun in some parts due to the high cliff walls. There you can walk and taking spectacular local landscape photographs. At the opening of the valley is a Local Natural History Museum displaying interesting illustration about the Flora & fauna of the area. You will return to the GER camp in the evening and enjoy free time walking around and see the stunning Gobi sunset.

Overnight in GER tourist camp /B, L, D/


Day 7-8: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, city tour

Today we head back to Ulaanbaatar city about 590km, on the way we spend one night. On day eight, late afternoon we arrive in the Capital City. Have a lunch at Mongolian famous traditional restaurant serving original authentic meal. Free time

Overnight in 3 star Hotel /B, L/


Day 9: NAADAM festival

After Breakfast, participate in the Naadam festival opening ceremony and enjoy wrestling and archery contests. Since ancient times wrestling, horse racing, and archery are main sports of Mongolians. In present it is a national holiday held on 11-13th July each year to commemorate the Mongol People’s Revolution. The traditional style of wrestling has its own long-standing ritual. The second element of the Three Manly Sports is horse racing. The third element of the national competitions is archery, which has been perfected over centuries.

Next day, after breakfast drive to the horse race course about 36 km and see the Daaga (2-year-old horse) race of 10km and the Soyolon (5-year-old horse) race of 25km.

Overnight in 3 star Hotel /B, L, D/

Day 10: Terelj national park

After breakfast in Hotel, drive to Khan Khentii Protected Area 98 km our last stop is Princess Lodge. On the make a short stop at Turtle Rock and the Dinosaur statue. Relax in a national GER in the beautiful Khan Khentii Landscape. Enjoy free time trekking around the camp

Overnight in Princess Lodge /B, L, D/


Day 11-12: Khan Khentii Protected Area, Princess temple

After having a nice breakfast at Princess Lodge tourist camp, horse riding to Princess Temple ruins. We horse riding 16 km (two ways) through spectacular valleys and across small rivers surrounded by highly–eroded rock formations of the Khan Khentii Mountains. Our local herder guide will assist you along the way to temple. Lunch break at the temple picnic table. Visit the ruins of Princess Temple which was built in 1740. On day twelve horse riding to White Stupa on top of the hill. There you have a great view of the Khan Khentii Mountains. Late afternoon, free time having Sauna and shower. In the evening join bonfire beside camp and wine taste.

Overnight in Princess Lodge /B, L, D /


Day 13: Ulaanbaatar

After Breakfast return to Ulaanbaatar 98km. On the way visit nomad family, watch their everyday life and living GER, animals taste dairy products made by nomads. On arrival you can have shopping at The State Department Store. Lunch at the local famous restaurant, serving authentic traditional food. In the evening enjoy the exciting performance of “Sarni Chuluu” ensemble to see traditional folklore such as dance, song, Buddhist ritual mask dance.

Overnight in 3 star Hotel /B, L, D/


Day 14: Journey Home

Tour Ends: After breakfast at the hotel our driver will pick you up and transport to the airport for international departure.


Date & Price

Prices in USD

Tour Code Tour Season Price 2018
July 2-4 PAX 5-9 PAX 10-14 PAX
A1: $1870 $1200 $1080

Tour price include:

    • 4 overnights in 3 star Hotel
    • 9 overnights in GER tourist camp
    • English speaking guide
    • All meals are provided: stated as Bold letters below the daily program
    • Ground transportation, four wheel drive
    • Horse riding
    • Camel riding
    • Park entrance fees, museum
    • Pure water supply (1liter per day)
    • As following destinations stated in itinerary
    • Airport pick up and deliver

Tour price exclude:

    • Travel insurance
    • Visa application fees
    • Bank transfer fee
    • Beverages, snacks
    • Personal expenses including, telephone call, internet, laundry
    • Additional services
Tour map


1 Ulaanbaatar City
2 Elsen Tasarkhai- Sand Dunes
3 Kharkhorum City
4 Ongi Cloister
5 Bayanzag, flaming cliffs
6 Eagle Valley
7 Khan Khentii Protected Area, Princess Lodge
8 Princess Temple
Additional information

Accommodation: We choose the best partners in order to attain best outcome. Every year we personally check our partner hotels and tourist camps to ensure they are maintaining the standard of service. Depending on your preference we offer various 3 to 5 star hotels and guest houses. Tourist camps are all equipped with shower and toilet, 2 to 4 PAX per Ger and restaurants.

Meals: While your stay in Ulaanbaatar there are plenty of choices among Mongolian traditional, European, Indian and Asian cuisine restaurants. During your travel along the countryside tourist camps will serve with standard breakfast and meals of beef, rice and vegetables. If you are vegetarian or require Halal food we also able to organize your special need of food in Mongolia.

Transport: Our vehicles are prepared to travel on Mongolian road. We use variety of air-conditioned, four wheel drive vehicles and bus. The average mileage you will drive per day in Mongolian tour is 180 to 220 kilometers. Our vehicles include Land cruiser, Delica 2, Russian Van, Bus.

Guide: We arrange English, French, Russian and German speaking Mongolian guide on your Mongolian trip. Depending on the tour our special experienced guide will serve you a meal while stay in tent. Our guides always there to help you and work passionately with full of knowledge about the country and make your Mongolian travel one of your most favorite exploration around earth.

Packing List: we highly recommend you to read following article about what you should prepare before your Mongolian holiday.

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    • 20 years of experience in Tourism industry
    • Expert team works as system
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Why choose this tour?

  • Naadam festival the most widely celebrated national holiday
  • Mongolian top attractions
  • Travel trough a wilderness nature area
  • Affordable price

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