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Cultural & Historical heritage tours

RICH CULTURE AND ANCIENT TEMPLES EXPLORATION TOUR (17 DAYS) includes visit nomad families from different nature areas promising even unique Mongolian culture experience

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Introduction of Mongolia live Nomads

VISIT CHINGGIS KHAAN STATUE COMPLEX AND PRINCESS TEMPLE (5 DAYS) Visit real Mongolian nomad people in countryside, learn their everyday life and taste diary products. Watch their culture and participate.

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In to The Wilderness for your unique needs

PIONEERING AND HORSE RIDING ADVENTURE TOUR TO KHAGIIN KHAR LAKE (9 DAYS) If you are looking for an adventure to one of the world's last untouched wilderness nature area. This is the best tour for you, we guide you trough a breathtaking re-mindful corner of the world let you experience the real peace.

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Classic Cultural tours in Mongolia

KHUSTAI NATIONAL PARK AND KHARKHORUM EXPLORATION TOUR (7 DAYS) See the best attractions, Mongolia has to offer in 7 days. A great culture and historical highlights

Mongolia wilderness adventures

Land of Peace

We guide you to the world's one of the last wilderness where there is no road

A brief information about Mongolia


Brief in Mongolia,
Complete Name:
Native Name:
Mongol Uls

Capital: Ulaanbaatar or Ulanbator

Mongolia: Located in the plateau of Central Asia between Russia and China, Mongolia covers an area of 1.566.500 sq. km and is geographically, historically and culturally a unique nation in the world. Situated between the great desert of central Asia and the Siberian taiga forest. Gobi desert in the south, the vast steppe grasslands of the east, and the great taiga forests of Khentii Khangai and Khuvsgul mountain ranges.
Mongolia keeps the beauty of these unspoiled regions by virtue of its sparse population and minimal agriculture. Today, Mongolia remains one of the last countries to practice free-range nomadic herding. Nomads tend their animals on the vast steppe, and move their herds and felt-tent Gher with the seasons. Mongolia is rightly known as a land without fences as there are no limits to where and how you might travel.
Mongolia is remote from seas and oceans and in the lee of surrounding high mountains, so causing its dry continental climate. In the coldest month of the year, January the air temperature sometimes falls to -50C.For the warmest month, July the air temperature can go up to +40C.
Dear traveler, we end here because you’ll see it on your own. We wish you an amazing journey!

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