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Mongolia flora and fauna
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Mongolia flora and fauna
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Mongolian traditional GER tourist camp- Princess lodge is located on the north- east of Ulaanbaatar city in a beautiful spot with full of blossoming steppe of wild flowers at Terelj resort in Khan Khenti protected wilderness area. 92 km and two an half hours driving distance from Ulaanbaatar city via Terelj town. The closest wonderful nature area to Capital.

Why stay at Princess Tourist camp?

The closest breathtaking wilderness nature to Ulaanbaatar city,

Accessible on the way to the Princess Temple one of the most famous historical sight,

Perfect spot for expedition tour for exploring butterflies, birds, plants, flowers and more

Only camp in Khan Khentii wilderness, no other camps and towns nearby Princess temple

Safe to experience the exciting exploration of Flora & Fauna (Deer, roe-deer, wild pigs, wolves, bears, wild birds, etc.)

What is serving you?

              • Ger (yurt) camp /8 lux GERs and 15 standard GERs/
              • Special traditional meals can be served if favored
              • Horse and ox-cart with all the needed equipment are ready to serve for the spare time
              • 24h solar- battery electricity and bathing room wit hot water
              • Finnish styled wooden sauna house
              • Transportation service to any desired destinations

Mongolia tourism – One of the top rated GER camp of Mongolia

Princess tourist camp has 16 years of experience in pleasing guests all around the world. We strive to offer exceptionally good value because quality tour, comfort and satisfaction with affordable price are priority for us! The Princess Lodge takes terrific pride in offering best service and only camp in breathtaking natural scene, guiding to many attractions with exciting activities in Khan Khentii wilderness and Terelj national park.

Mongolian traditional GER tourist camp- Princess lodge is located on the north- east of Ulaanbaatar city in a beautiful spot with full of blossoming steppe of wild flowers at Terelj resort in Khan Khenti protected wilderness area. Only two an half hours driving distance from Ulaanbaatar city via Terelj town. The closest wonderful nature area to Capital. For that reason, we have few interestingly exceptional itineraries while you camping with us. We specialize in both group and individual walking, biking and horse riding tours in Khan Khentii park, with an emphasis in Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage, its stunning and varied landscapes, and its flora and fauna. One of the Mongolian oldest temple, ‘Gunjiin sum’- Princess Temple is located just 8 km north from our camp and it gives the tourists a great activity for hiking, trekking, horseback riding, motorcycling, biking and even ox-cart riding to get to the temple. In this beautiful place you can relax and enjoy with the sound of wilderness, amazing morning glory and other spectacular enjoyments!

Historical Monument ” Gunjin sum – The Ruin of Princess Temple”

58The Princess Temple is located near the Baruun Bayan river which is joining from the Tuul river, 106 km from Ulaanbaatar city, at 48*10’660 north latitude and 107*33’000 south longtitude, 1788 m above sea level in a beautiful green forest which is surrounded by beautiful rocky mountains.
The Temple was built by Prince Dondovdorj who was the grandson of Tusheet Khan Chakhundorj, in honor of his queen Khicheengui Amarlingui Princess who was the daughter of Enkh Amgalan the Manchu King. The King gave his 6th daughter princess to the influential khalkha Prince Dondovdorj as a gift in 1697. But that movement was a secret policy of the Manchu King through his daughter. But the Princess respected and followed mongolian custom which is known ” One should obey all rules of the country where he or she lives” so she did, she loved Mongolians and her husband and she took great care of Mongolia.

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Great place! Great place! Fantastic place! Perfect place! Everyone should come to Princess Lodge. I had a really good time and the food was just Exquisite, delicious… I can’t find more adjectives to tell about this place! And the people who run this place, they are so helpful, so nice… In other words It was just like Paradise! I will always remember this place. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to take it easy, to be spa with the beautiful food, the kindness of all the team …

Thank you so much!!! For your smiles, food, kindness, help, etc

See you very soon!

Laure (Switzerland) /13th September 2006/

To the whole team!

We would like to thank you for these wonderful days in your camp. It was an experience we never had before: the landscape, the flowers, the stars in the night and the blue sky during the days. But the most impressing was the very friendly and affective team of the camp! We feel like guests in the family. Thank you all for this impression of Mongolia! With the best wishes for all of you.

Katrin and Ursula (Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany) /20th August 2003/

To all the team at Princess Camp

Thank you for a wonderful stay. The Gers so warm and comfortable, the food fantastic, the picnic lunches really great, and the sauna …!!! Hope to see you again sometime soon.

Peter and Fiona Johnson

Edinburgh, Scotland /25-27th August 2003/

Dear Princess GER tourist camp,

Thank you for your generous hospitality during our stay here. The food and the sauna were great! Although we didn’t get a chance to try them together.

Justin and Harumi

Hong Kong /15th July 2003/

Liebes Princess GER camp

Wir woltten uns noch einmal fur den super Service bedanken! Das Essen, die Sauna und das Pferde reiten waren klasse! Wir hatten sehr viel SpaB und sind froh hier gewesenzusein! Auch wie das Camp eingerichtet ist, fanden wir alle toll, den auch wenn man in der totalen Wildnis ist, fuhlte man sich wie Zuhanse!

Vielen Dank fur Alles

Liebe GruBe

Sarah & Reitz /29th July 2003/

To Princess Tourist camp

Thank you for a wonderful time. Your hospitality and kindness was greatly appreciated. Your staff was very helpful, the food excellent, and the horse back riding spectacular. Those past 3 days with you have been one of the highest points of our Mongolian holidays.

Thank you for everything,

John, Carol, Kristin, Erica and Rachael

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA /2nd August 2003/

Thank you for providing us with the chance to experience this great Mongolian lifestyle. It was truly unforgettable.

Nora (Arabian) /24th August 2003/

This was such a beautiful place and a wonderful experience, we loved it – even when it rained and was freezing we were still grateful for the contrast to the Singapore climate. So much fun- Thank you!

Veronica (Swedish) /26th August 2003/

Thank you for letting us experience Mongolia the “real” way with GERs, watching wrestling etc. It was a great time and I will never forget it.

Obrigado/ Thanks

Valeska (Brazilian/ English) /28th August 2003/

We had wonderful 3 days, despite passing clouds and showers. We enjoyed horseback riding and hiking in the beautiful countryside. The staff has been very attentive and friendly. A restful holiday!

Jonathan and Christine

Carlisle, PA, USA /1st July 2004/

We really appreciate the Mongolian hospitality. Everything was OK: the landscape is wonderful, we enjoyed clear blue sky during the bonfire with very good singers! The water in the river is clean, the people in the camp very very kind, the food good, thank you for your help to a vegetarian person!… we thank you!

Clara and Alberto (Italy) /8th July 2004/

Liebes team vom Princess Camp

Wir sind uberwaltigt und uberascht von der wunderbaren landschaft und der liebenswurdigen gastfreundschaft!

Die seit hier wird uns allen in lebendiger erinnerung bleiben und manch einer von uns wunscht sich vielleicht jetzt schon, einmal zuruckzukehren in dieses wunderbare land! Mit vielen interessanten eindrucken und manch einem wunden hintern vom austreiten (schmunzel!) verlassen wir leider schon viel zu fruh diese

Bezaubernde welt!

Vielen dank fur alles!

Cornelia Gann /11th August 2004/

Thank you to everyone for making our time at the Princess camp so wonderful. We were amazed by the incredible scenery and impressed by the hospitality of all the staff who went out for their way to make our stay comfortable. The food was delicious, the ger very cozy and the whole camp great.

The only thing we won’t miss is the flies!

Thank you!

Len, Kate and Cath /1st July 2004/

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay in Princess Camp, I have never been so impressed by a country as I am by Mongolia. The countryside, the people, everything is so beautiful and completely unique. At the camp, the standards were excellent wonderful food, ger, warm bed and lovely warm stove every evening. Horse riding out to the woods was fantastic and they look such good care of this very inexperienced rider! It is most definitely and experience I will remember forever – the stars at night so clear, and so many, and the silence, so welcome after a long year working complete peace. I could go forever!

I will come back to Mongolia, sometime in the future.

Eilis Foran (Ireland) /15th July 2005/

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