Kharakhorum Ancient city of Mongolia

This is the most populous area of the country, and also the richest in historical reminders such as Erdene Zuu monastery, Kings’ statue, turtle rock statue, Kharakhorum museum. Kharkhorum City is large and wide-ranging tourist area, offering visitors a complete portrait of ancient Mongolia, from its natural environment of grasslands, River and Mountains, to its historical attractions and huge variety of its cultural and exciting activities. In 16th century the City already had public pool, religious institutes and silver tree that pours four delicious drinks and also archeological founding proves that the city had heating system to each building. The time was golden age of Mongolia; a single girl can travel with a bag full of gold from east to west without any danger. All religions live together peacefully and respecting each other and sometimes discuss about their words of Gods.   If you have week or more Kharkhorum city and its attractions are your place to go. There are plenty of accommodation choices, many deluxe and standard GER tourist camps are welcoming you on the Shore of Orkhon River.

History of Karakorum

The ancient kingdom of Hunnu was established its capital in Orkhon valley. From there the city was taking a lot of attention from neighbors. Then after, in year 1220, Genghis Khan ordered to establish Empire Mongolian city. After his death his son Ugudei also continued to build the city. One of the great creation was the silver three which built by over 50 craftsmen and finished in year 1254. When the angel on the top of the three blow trumpet, 4 types of graceful drinks are poured to the big silver can. Also there was a large pool and garden. The archaeological findings prove that at that time textile, iron, hand crafting were rapidly developing. Also there was a brewery. In year 1380 Min state attacked and destroyed the city.


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