Khorgo national park in western Mongolia

Khorgo national park contains many interesting places to show such as Terkhiin white lake, Dormant Volcano, Cave and legendary Shar Nokhoin Tam. The place is in central area of Mongolia, Arkhangai province. The locals are known as Yak herders. There are many different ethnic groups and living styles beyond Nomad people. Enormous hospitable yak keepers awaits you on the shore of Terkhiin White Lake, you can even stay overnight in their GER, watch their everyday life; add few more interesting pages on your travel diary. Khorgo dormant volcano is just 5 kilometers east from Lake with stunning deep concave. The locals bring their tamed eagles, giving you a great chance to take photograph with Eagle flourish its wings.

Near the Khorgo dormant volcano you will notice there is full of dried lawa and full of forest, threes. The Khorgo dormant volcano’s elevation above sea is 2210m, the diameter of the volcano is around 20 meters and 70 to 80m deep. Inside the volcano there is no lake but in some spot there is a heat steam. During the winter these steam area is frosted and looks like sheep from distance.

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