Khuvsgul Lake (Northern Mongolia)

The North Mongolian area is one of the well-developed tourism routes. Each year thousands of people travel to Khuvsgul Lake falling love to its crystal clear water and peaceful Blue sky. Many interesting things to do such as horse riding, hiking, boat riding, archery, fishing activities awaits you. But that’s not nearly all, there is one of the rarest ethnic group in the World “Tsaatan” people are living, known as Reindeers. Visit by Tsaatan family will not disappoint you flying all the way to Mongolia. They still live in their youths and living in classical way not much different from its ancient times. The natives in Khuvsgul Lake herder their reindeers for mounting and milking to produce dairy product. They are also very hospitable people welcome you with all the best they have, their smoked fish and caviar; you just can’t get enough of it. The place is even great destination for winter seasons; you can ice skate on the endless clear mirror as long as you want. In February there is an exciting Ice festival held by the local governor office. The program includes, traditional ice ankle bone shooting game, speed skate competition and horse sledge competition, local open fair and many more.


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