Terelj national park

Terelj national park (Nature within easy reach)

Mongolia has a wide territory with small population. Terelj national park is the closest natural park to Ulaanbaatar city which takes only less than hour driving distance (70km). The area is raised from the bottom of the sea in some 28 million years ago. The place is offering wonderful exotic granite rock sightseeing and horse riding, hiking activities, another very pleasant activity in Terelj is to take a long, exhilarating walks around Terelj river while enjoying the full of edelweiss flowers. There are several GER tourist camps so that you can stay in GERs for the overnight or either visit nomad families nearby. From standard to high class accommodation are all available including five star Terelj Hotel with Golf field and swimming pool and more. It is a convenient place if you are planning to get out of Ulaanbaatar for a day or two days. Testimonials…




Khan Khentii protected area

Further crossing the Terelj River and drive 15km you can enter to more prestige nature area known as Khan Khentii protected area. This area is one of the most carefully protected nature parks in Mongolia. Nature is an integral part of the life of the Nomads, who are accustomed from early childhood to making good use of all the activities that can be carried on in contact with nature. If you have more time, this is your exact place to go. On the way you can visit native Mongolian families watch their everyday life. People there are very hospitable and you can also stay overnight with locals. For more convenient accommodation you can stay in Princess Lodge, the only camp running in Khan Khentii protected area. The camp is offering horse riding, ox-carting, bonfire, many other exciting activities and deluxe luxury GERs, GER restaurant with tasty food and plenty of amenities. The things to see around Khan Khentii is countless, while you stay there you can hike or horse ride in the breathtaking Khan Khentii Mountains and see the Flora & Fauna. Also the famous historical attraction Princess temple is located only 8 km north from the camp. Testimonials…


Tsonjin boldog

Tsonjin Boldog, for instance where the famous monument stands. Chinggis Khaan statue is a remarkable and distinctive stainless steel structure cast in 2008, the work of sculptor D. Erdembileg, whose work is certainly one of the most outstanding expressions of equestrian statue. The statue itself is 30 meters high and the base height is 10 meters with restaurant, reception, museum and sightseeing points. Inside the Horse tail area is an elevator allowing passengers to get on the horse neck and see the horizon. The Statue was opened in year 2008 September 26th.  Only lies about 54 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar city. East from Terelj national park. The statue location was not chosen randomly. In year 1177 Genghis Khan was returning to home after meeting with Toril King who promised to support Genghis Khan to reunite Mongols. In a place named Tsonjinboldog Genghis Khan found whip which is good fortunate for Mongolians.


Terelj national park
Mongolia national park
Mongolia national park
Genghis Khan statue