Food & Drinks

meals in Mongolia

Shashlik is one of the most famous barbecue. But you must taste the real Shashlik prepared on a bonfire. Mongolian beef is truly considered as the most delicious and quality meat in the world because Mongolian endless green steppe has many nourishing plants  and grass. Also for the side dish a fresh vegetable and mushrooms are served which grown in Mongolian plentiful ground.

Stone grilled lamb

Khorkhog /stone grilled lamb/ is a unique barbeque dish in Mongolian cuisine. It can be offered in Mongolian famous traditional restaurants or in the countryside by several tourist camps. Khorhog is made by cooking pieces of mutton in the large container of at least 40 liters also put stones which picket from river and kept in fire until its red hot, the large container is heated from the outside for at least 2 hours. Vegetables such as onion, potatoes,carrots make it more delicious. If you want to taste the real Khorkhog you must go to countryside because bonfire, smoke and heat makes it even more delicious. When Khorkhog is ready, you should try holding the stones in your hand as long as you can by passing one to another. This is very good for nerve.

Mongolia traditional meals

Khuushuur, one of the most popular dish in Mongolia which is offered almost every restaurant. The best way to taste Khuushuur is to see Naadam festival because during this holiday local businesses strive to make the best delicious Khushuur. It is kind of local tradition that if you see Naadam festival you must try Khuushuur. It is made of meat and pastry also can be vegetable, the meat either beef or mutton is ground up and mixed with onion, salt and spices. Places the meat inside the dough folds, making a flat half circular pocket, some have round shape. After making pockets fries in oil until its turn golden brown.

Mongolia traditional food

Airag. Mongolian brewed horse milk, not every nomadic family make airag. Each family make different products depending on the animal they cattle, most of them have sheep and yaks to produce raw cashmere. Very few families make this drink. Therefore Airag is one of the valued drinks in the country which is only be founded during summer time June to September. Airag has delicious sour flavor and bit alcoholic as well.

Mongolian beer

Mongolian Beer,  although we also brew high quality beer. Many people from foreign agree Mongolian beer has its original unique taste. This could be related to our Mongolian clear sky and fruitful soil land. There are many sorts of bottled Mongolian beer. Chinggis, Altan Gobi and Niislel beer are the ones you should try when you visit Mongolia.