Khagiin Khar Lake in Khan Khentii wilderness park

In this part of Mongolia, the wildest and most untouched natural areas are to be found, where natural abundance is about to give way to the great wilderness. Here we find the magnificent Lake landscapes and the flora and fauna. And here we can feast our eyes on landscapes of dramatically intense colours. The visitor will be constantly reminded of the barren and savage surrounding landscape, and the isolated experience from civilization. Lake is located 100 km north from Terelj. A good departure point for visits to the area is Princess Lodge, with its quality service and fine horses, experienced local guide. Every year very few people head to Khagiin Khar Lake and that’s why the area is real wilderness. It is home to many beautiful creatures such as antelope, deer, moose, zibeline, and many more. If you are real keen on experiencing adventure, wildlife nature and peace it is your destined place. End of June to Late September is the best time to be there.


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